Soul of the Lords

I love so much Dark RPG and Souls Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne and for that i wanted to learn how to make game play using Blender and Unreal Engine 5.

This is concept game i am making in Unreal Engine 5 using Blueprint, Persona, AI, Behavior Tree, Audio, UI, Landscape, Foliage, Vertex Paint, Lumen, Nanite, Cascade, Niagara and all technologies that Unreal provide.
As also understanding the logic and techniques how to make a game with Blueprint.

Also with the new Lumen Engine release i wanted to understand how light behave in different time of day.

Lishteria an abandoned church that was haunted by monsters when the darkness was raised.

Lord Lorian is a noble knight who was destroyed by the dark lord Olden but he got resurrect by the Fire Keeper Ishtolia to destroy all the dark souls in every land and merge all the souls to make one soul, the Soul of the Lords that will erase darkness and bring back life to humanity.

More to come...

Praise the Sun!